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Spiritual Healing and Ascension

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I also rely on word of mouth and being recommended to family and friends by my clients and am grateful to everyone that does this, much love to you all 💗💗💗

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Spiritual & Energy Healing 

Distant & Within Aberdeen

Tuning Fork Sessions coming soon :) 


I'm Andrea Mahoney, and I am loving the fact that I can bring these Spiritual and Energy Healing modalities to others and help them grow on their spiritual paths, and make our earthy existence more enjoyable and peaceful.

I am here to offer Spiritual and Energy Healing Aberdeen Sessions as 1:1 Sessions as well as Spiritual Healing Distant(ly).


I am trained in a number of healing modalities, such as Metatronia Therapy®,Spiritual Response Therapy, some I used for personal growth and some I just love so much and that had such a positive uplifting effect on me, that I am here to bring these forward to be experienced by others.

I am also founder of Andromeridia Therapy™, which I am pleased to now offer both distantly and in-person.  


My main aim is to allow people to awaken in their own time and pass on tips, guidance through these healing sessions so others can take on their own realisation in the parts they play in their own healing, self-growth and ascension.  To awaken others to the vastness of the energies that is out there that are so supporting and nurturing to us, if we let them.

I like you, am continually learning and growing and will continue to do so whilst I am here, I love the learning of it all,  and take relief in the fact that when it sometimes appears we are going back or that others feel we have lost our way, we are all more than likely doing very deep spiritual work in learning our lessons behind it all, realising the people and the situations that occur are our mirrors for us to learn and grow from, in essence to heal our shadows (which we all have).  Just like the bow and arrow, we are the arrow that flies forward by being pulled back by the bow, a perfect union. 

So please, browse along what is on offer, I have tried not to make this site cluttered and with descriptions which are to the point (well I hope ;) ), should you require any further information on anything, please do not hesitate to contact me on andrea-healing@hotmail.co.uk


Tuning Fork Sessions coming soon :) 

This Website is in the midst of creation at moment.  Most services are now up and available, so please browse.


In the meantime, should you wish to book a session please contact me on andrea-healing@hotmail.co.uk or please visit me at Healing Light Energy on Facebook, where all services are available to book 💗💗💗💗💗💗