I'm delighted to announce that I Can offer a wide range of holistic and spiritual therapies, incorporating colour and sound therapy within Aberdeen City

Should you be interested in arranging an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact me details to the right

Andromeridia Therapy™

1hr - £55.00

Andromeridia Therapy™ is a multi-dimensional healing modality, strong deep reaching energy healing using Vibrational Codes and Light Language specific to the receiver, shifting and flushing stuck energetic debris from our physical, emotional, mental and our many spiritual bodies.  Raising our frequency.

Connecting with your higher self be it of a celestial or galactic heritage, it will allow the expansion of your consciousness and allow your potentials to come forth, whilst letting go of our resistances to stay put.  Connecting with the universal consciousness allowing healing for the greater whole, through healing ourselves.

This therapy is a powerful key to awakening our memories of our true light energy signatures and will reach deep down into the subconscious and clear false learning/programming, blockages, and negativity to help heal us, aid our spiritual growth and activate codes within us awakening us to our original blueprint, activating our dormant DNA, trailers and Chromosones. In time, awakening long stored memories/knowledge/talents that you hold hidden within.

Angel Healing

1st Appt 1.5hrs £70.00

subsequent Appts 1hr £45.00

Working with high vibrational beings calling in divine universal energy with the aid of these wonderful beings.  These healing sessions are gentle, loving and nurturing healing, a great introduction to energy healing, bringing peace, love, balance and serenity, whilst clearing away debris in the energetic fields, bringing in these angelic qualities in you to the forefront, to enable you to take your power back, keep grounded and connected to your spiritual self.  The first appointment is 1.5hrs long (1hr thereafter or longer should you wish) and includes building a connection to the Angels.  

AromaTouch® Technique

45 mins (Back, Head & Feet) - £45.00

1hr (Back, Hands, Head & Feet) - £55.00

The AromaTouch® Technique consists of a 4 step massage process to help decrease stress, boost the immune system, calm inflammatory response and provide homeostasis within the body by using 8 different dōTERRA essential oils which are non-water based phytochemicals which are very pure, clean & absorbed quickly for medicinal purposes whilst applied to back, head and feet.

We encounter factors in daily life, via our internal/external environment, that have negative effects on our overall health/wellbeing. These negative disturbances cause imbalance in homeostasis, the natural balance of body systems & health. The AromaTouch® Technique works to restore wellbeing & minimise the impact of these factors.
4 systemic constants that most often impair homeostasis which AromaTouch® Technique works to ease/correct are:-
🔸Stress Management
🔸Toxic Insult / boost immunity
🔸 Inflammation
🔸Autonomic Imbalance

Bespoke Appointment

1hr - £45.00

1.5hrs - £70.00

Should you not be sure what you want or need, book either an hour or and hour and a half and we will discuss and choose what is needed for you on the day, this appointment will be adapted to suit the needs of the client, which could be a mixture of some or all of:- spiritual/energy healing, crystal, colour, sound, frequency codings, light language

Auric & Chakra Clearing/Balance

1hr - £55.00

A healing therapy to work specifically on the auric fields and chakra energy points clearing past energies held and stuck within these energy centres and highlighting current work needing done.  This therapy will involve vibrational hands on healing as well as the use of crystal, colour and sound therapy using chromotherapy torch using coloured lenses and quartz crystal, as well a tuning forks and/or shamanic drum if needed.

Rejuvenating therapy, bringing a feeling of wholeness and balance.

Crystal Keys

1hr - £65.00*

(*£30.00 deposit needed on booking due to work commencing prior to appointment)

Crystal Keys is a multi-dimensional Healing, via myself tuning into my wisdom from my time in Lemuria, working very closely with a number of my crystals skulls and the use of my 13 Crystal Keys. The skulls will choose yourself to work with using their consciousness to connect with yours and clear, transmute and transform all fears and blockages into love and light.

Along with the skulls, symbols are used to heal vibrationally, along with clearing of any imprints that are required to be healed. The balancing of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, Clearing of energies from Traumas from all lifetimes, allowing easier transitions to wholeness, helping us manifest greater abundance in our lives, living in Unconditional Love. Helping us to achieve self worth, self awareness, self esteem, self love, self confidence, self respect and self realisation. In essence we finally accept ourselves for who we really are.

This is a far reaching and very deep vibrational healing, plenty water and rest when needed will be needed for sometime after as the changes are felt and transmuted.

Hopi Candles

30min - £25.00

Block of 10 - £215.00 (saving £35.00)

Ear candles are an ancient, mild and natural therapy and have been used by the Native American Indian for many years.The Hopi candle is not a candle as such, but a hollow tube made out of cotton flax, impregnated with extract of honey and herb oils (in particular chamomile, sage and St Johns Wort), the healing properties of which have been known to the Hopi tribe for hundreds of years.

Ear candles can help with the treatment of sinusitis, rhinitis, earwax, earache and irritation of the ears including tinnitus. It is also suitable for the treatment of headaches and migraines. It is not suitable for those with perforated eardrums, where grommets are in place or those who may have an allergy to the ingredients. It is a safe and gentle treatment for children.
The number of treatments depends on how long the candle takes to burn down. Each treatment takes approximately 30 minutes and is very relaxing. It is advisable to put a few drops of warm olive oil in each ear for three days before treatment as this will help to soften the wax which will make it easier to remove. 

Eastern Indian Accupressure Facial with Hopi Candle treatment

1hr - £45.00

An Eastern Indian Face/Head Massage will lift your muscles, condition your skin & redefine areas that might be in need of a boost
By using special techniques and acupressure this treatment helps achieve improved conditioning of the skin by encouraging natural oils to flow more freely to ensure a much more radiant glow
The result produces a more plumped, younger and fresher look that improves overall appearance by releasing and freeing tensions that lie within the connective tissue.
This technique also tones muscles to assist the rejuvenating lift that helps to redefine the contours of the face, such as the cheek bones and jawline, which in turn helps to achieve facial rejuvenation.  You will also experience a deep feeling of relaxation that leaves you feeling connected and confident in the way you look.  This is a non-invasive form of rejuvenation that requires only the hands of a skilled therapist.
The additional benefits of massage of the face means that an extremely deep relaxation is achieved which helps to boost overall health.

Metatronia Therapy®

1hr - £45.00

Metatronia Therapy® is a High Vibrational Energy Healing bringing you back to your original blueprint awakening you to your true authentic self and aligning you to Divine Source through Sacred Geometry Codings, unlocking dormant DNA Strands, shifting and clearing stagnant energies to allow the altering, expanding and moving of your energy signature.  This truly is a wonderful energy healing session to be had on your ascension path. 

Personal Attunements are also available should you wish to expand with this energy further, once a number of sessions has been experienced.

Spiritual Healing

30mins - £25.00

1hr - £45.00

A hands on therapy, where i connect with my spiritual guides/healers/helpers to administer the wonderful healing energy that is required.  This is really a wonderful relaxing energy which gently brings in the healing that is needed,

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)

2hr Appt - £80.00 incl. of crystal healing

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a fast way to resolve these issues and a fantastic therapy that works connecting to the higher selves and clearing all timelines (past/present/future), spirit, soul and ancestral lines, and help heal the wounded inner child on the Soul, Spiritual and Christ Aspects.

Do you feel stuck?
Do you lack motivation?
Is fear holding you back from being all that you want to be?
Is your emotions all over the place?
How many barriers have you put up to protect you from imagined outcomes?
Do have any issue(s) that seems to repeat and repeat time and again?
Be it physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relationships with others?

SRT can help clear:-
Guilt, Negative emotions/patterns/programming on all consciousness levels helping issues such as family & love Relationships, finances, health issues, addictions, insomnia, phobias, career, any fears, depression and lack of self-esteem/self-confidence, psychic attack, nightmares.

Tuning Forks

​(not suitable during pregnancy, if fitted with pacemaker or suffer fits or seizures)

1.5hrs - £70.00

Subsequent Appt - 1hr - £45.00

30mins - £25.00

Tuning forks are used in a simple and effective method of applying on and off the body, including accu-points, trigger and reflex points, bones, muscles, and tendons to help tonify Qi, move stagnant energy and relieve pain, allowing the body to be more agile.

Tuning forks can also be used also as spiritual Healing working on our auric field and chakra points, bring peace, calm, grounding and a deeper connection with ourselves as well as the spiritual realms.

First Appointment to last 1.5hrs, subsequent appointments 1hr and are adapted to suit individual needs working on body incl. spine, joints, chakras, on and off body

30min appointment available for chakra clear and balance only.


Andromeridia Therapy™  - £55.00 (1hr)

AromaTouch® Technique  - £45.00 (45mins)

AromaTouch® Technique - £55.00 (1hr)

Aura & Chakra - £55.00 (1hr)

Crystal Keys - £65.00  (1hr)

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) - £80.00 (2hrs)

all other treatments at:-

1/2hr - £25.00 (or 2 for £45)
1 hr - £45.00
1.5hrs - £70.00
2hrs - £80.00

Payments can be made before hand via Paypal if you so wish please email to send paypal invoice.  Cash and Card payments accepted on the day.

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