Healing Light Energy​

Spiritual Healing and Ascension

Working with the 12 Chakra System, we will connect via our Higher Self's and clear each Chakra individually and collectively as a whole.  

This therapy will bring a restoring of harmonious flow of energy across the Chakra system bringing the feeling of being more grounded, feeling healthier, relaxation, centredness, increased energy and embodiment of oneself.

This Therapy is done at a Distance, and once done a report will be emailed through to yourself, detailing what was found and cleared for each Chakra, and what was cleared in the Chakra system collectively.  This report will also come with information that you personally need to continue working on at home, to ensure keeping the Chakra's clear and functioning optimally.

This is a Therapy which is very beneficial and optimally once every 3-6 months be carried out to clear any accumulated debris during this time.

Chakra Reading/Clearing

12 Chakra System

12-Chakra System Reading/Clearing (Distant) - £55.00