Andromeridia Therapy™ (In-Person & Distant Appointments)

Andromeridia Therapy™

Spiritual Healing and Ascension

Healing Light Energy​

Andromeridia Therapy™ was founded by myself, and only available from me at this time, whether in person or at a distance.  

Andromeridia Therapy™  is a multi-dimensional healing modality, strong deep reaching energy healing using Vibrational Codes and Light Language specific to the receiver, shifting and flushing stuck energetic debris from our physical, emotional, mental and our many spiritual bodies.  Raising our frequency.

Connecting with your higher self be it of a celestial or galactic heritage, it will allow the expansion of your consciousness and allow your potentials to come forth, whilst letting go of our resistances to stay put.  Connecting with the universal consciousness allowing healing for the greater whole, through healing ourselves.

This therapy is a powerful key to awakening our memories of our true light energy signatures and will reach deep down into the subconscious and clear false learning/programming, blockages, and negativity to help heal us, aid our spiritual growth and activate codes within us awakening us to our original blueprint, activating our dormant DNA, trailers and Chromosones. In time, awakening long stored memories/knowledge/talents that you hold hidden within.


In a relaxed meditative state, lie for 1 hour and receive the energy healing session, after the session a light language recording, will be sent, along with a picture for printing of the personal vibrational codes and their placements on the body.  The recording and the codes are to work with at home for a period of 2 weeks and a brief insight of what the transmission is unlocking for you.


Should you be interested in an Andromeridia Therapy™ Session which can be in-person or at a distance, please do not hesitate to contact me on

Andromeridia Therapy™ was founded by myself, and only available from me.  This will change and around Summer 2019, training will be available for others to practise.