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The Wholeness of Lemurian Wisdom


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Distant Sessions
Individual Person                                £55.00
Block of 10 (Individual Person)            £500.00 

In Person Sessions

1 hour - £65.00

Crystal Keys - In Person Appt
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Crystal Keys - Distant Appt
Crystal Key Options


Multi-dimensional Healing, via myself tuning into my wisdom from my time in Lemuria, working very closely with a number of my crystals skulls and the use of my 13 Crystal Keys.  The skulls will choose yourself to work with using their consciousness to connect with yours and clear, transmute and transform all fears and blockages into love and light.


Along with the skulls, symbols are used to heal vibrationally, along with clearing of any imprints that are required to be healed.  The balancing of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, Clearing of energies from Traumas from all lifetimes, allowing easier transitions to wholeness, helping us manifest greater abundance in our lives, living in Unconditional Love.  Helping us to achieve self worth, self awareness, self esteem, self love, self confidence, self respect and self realisation.  In essence we finally accept ourselves for who we really are.


This is a far reaching and very deep vibrational healing, plenty water and rest when needed will be needed for sometime after as the changes are felt and transmuted.


Again, finding and advice will be emailed through to you after the session.

Should you wish to book a Crystal Keys session,  please email me at:- andrea-healing@hotmail.co.uk