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Distant Healing

Distant Healing Options


Bookings are confirmed on receipt of payment via paypal

Individualised Healing                       £15.00
Block of 10                                      £130.00

Added to Monthly Healing List (1 Year) £35.00

Distant Healing allows you to rest at home in the comfort of your surroundings.  Healing can bring love, peace and joy to an individual at moments of strive.  The energy received shifts our vibrations to higher levels, clearing us of lower energies which can drain us and make us stressed, emotional and or of ill health.  Distant healing is also beneficial to be used on a regular basis to give us a wee boost.

I am trained as a Master in Metatronia Therapy ®, also in various Reiki formats, Angel Healing, Spiritual Healing as well as many other universal/galactic energies that can come through. 


What I offer are a number of different options, an individualised Healing will be a set up time which is mutually beneficial where I will send healing through whichever modality comes through, or if you prefer you can choose the healing modality you'd like from above.  I would then email you a brief description of anything that came through.  If booked and paid in advance for a block of 10, you will save £20.00


The other option is on the 1st of each month for a year, you will be sent healing for you to call in at your leisure, only difference is there would be no email with feedback and the healing modality could be different each month, all as beneficial as a dedicated healing session and the healing that would come through would clear what ever was needed for your highest good.

Should you wish to book a healing please email me at:- andrea-healing@hotmail.co.uk