Healing Light Energy​

Spiritual Healing and Ascension

Card Readings to give insight and guidance to any dilemma.


I have a number of different decks of Angel, Oracle, Tarot and Vibrational cards and will use the deck or decks I am drawn to at the time I tune in to give your reading. 


Readings are booked for a day and by the end of that day your email will be received with pictures of the cards and what insightful guidance to give clarity on the query and suggestions were given for you to action should you wish.


Examples of queries which these card readings are ideal for are:- love and relationships, finance, career decisions, health, understanding of lessons from a situation amongst many others.


Should you wish to book a reading please email me at:- andrea-healing@hotmail.co.uk

Guidance Card Readings
Guidance Card Reading Options


Bookings are confirmed on receipt of payment via paypal

3 Card Reading                                       £15.00
5 Card Reading                                        £23.00

3 Card Reading x 12 (1 year)        £160.00

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