Spiritual Healing and Ascension

Matrix Reality

Personal Awakening Attunement

Are you ready to awaken? 

The conscious mind needs to be unlocked before we can be able to rise to our true potential in this dimension. Imagine that your mind is like a library that has a locked door.  

To access the information, you need to find the key.

The Matrix Reality will not only enable you to unlock this door, but also open your neural pathways to uncover the truth.

By taking the Matrix Reality, you will re-create your mind and open neural pathways that very few will experience in this lifetime.  This is why this course is only appropriate for some people.

Due to the energy of these attunements being so strong, the person being attuned must be spiritually advanced and used to working with this type of energy, otherwise the clearing & mental aspects will be too strong otherwise.

Please contact me first before purchasing, so I can check in to see if you are ready.  I reserve the right not to pass on the Matrix Reality if I do not feel it is appropriate for you. 

The Matrix Reality was channeled from the Light Continuum in November 2013.  There are 3 levels within this course and there needs to be a period of at least 7 days between each level to let the energies settle.  There can be no exceptions with this time frame.

All the information within the manual has been channelled directly from the Light Continuum.  It was guided to only give a very short overview of this course so you can FEEL if this is right for you rather than letting your mind decide!

Full email support will be given before, during and after your attunements.

There are 3 levels (attunements) and the price is £65 (about $79)

You will receive:  The Matrix Reality manual, which you will be emailed through after your payment. This includes how to use this energy and channelled information from the Light Continuum.

There are no expiry dates and you can complete the course at your own pace.  

"This is a personal attunement for your awakening and not a healing attunement. "

Matrix Reality Personal Attunement Distantly £65.00.

Healing Light Energy​