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Spiritual Healing and Ascension

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Metatronia Therapy - In Person Healing & Attunement Appointments

Metatronia Therapy®  is available in-person in Aberdeen or distantly for healing sessions and/or attunements.

A High Vibrational Energy Healing bringing you back to your original blueprint awakening you to your true authentic self and aligning you to Divine Source through Sacred Geometry Codings, unlocking dormant DNA Strands, shifting and clearing stagnant energies to allow the altering, expanding and moving of your energy signature.  This truly is a wonderful energy healing session to be had on your ascension path.

Metatronia Therapy® assists with the following although list is not exhaustive:

  • Reduced pain/inflammation/Energising
  • Healing the physical, emotional, mental, celestial and spiritual bodies 
  • Healing and expansion of the Auric Field 
  • DNA/RNA restructuring/rejuvenation/transformation on a cellular level 
  • Emotional freedom and release
  • The human vessel (body) is cleansed and rejuvenated on many levels 
  • Release from trauma/negative behavioral patterns/raising of frequency 
  • Transformational 
  • Balancing & Clearing for all energy centres
  • Self-Realization 
  • Release of controls/Barriers/Blocks within the self/human vessel/body 
  • Raising of Consciousness, frequency and vibration 
  • Deeper connection and understanding 
  • Lightbody connection/awareness/Light Body Vehicle (LBV) System
  • Preparation of the Human Vessel into the Gematria Garment of Light
  • Assisting the New Biological advancement of Creation
  • Alignment to the Divine Mind (Cosmic Consciousness) & Universal Heart
  • Recalibration of the Electromagnetic energy Matrix
  • Metatron corrects the entropic mind matrix (isolated lower consciousness)
  • Dissolves distorted thought patterns
  • Release from Lower Density Linear Emotional State
  • Returning to Divine Creativity
  • Ascended Consciousness & Expands Awareness
  • Accelerated Ascension
  • Light Ignition of the Higher Vibratory Expressions of the Soul Blue Print
  • Self-Realization
  • Integration of One-Ness & Unity
  • Raising overall frequency and vibration of Life Force
  • Dissolution of Guilt and Separated Identity
  • Freedom & Liberation Actualized and Realized
  • Chakra (energy vortices) Rebalancing, Realignment & Clearing
  • Cleansing & Restoration of Aura & EMF (Electromagnetic Field)
  • Feelings of being "plugged back in" and/or "re-booted”
  • DNA/RNA Higher Light Reprogramming
  • Re-Genesis & Renewal, aligning with the new Light Codes of Evolution & Regeneration
  • Releasing from Karma and beyond that, Releasing the idea of Karma altogether
  • Return to the "Law of Grace”
  • Frequency Modulation (this is likened to converting an AM/FM radio to a Satellite Receiver)
  • Inductive Linkage (Reception of Light Language)
  • Quantum Light Vibrations and recalibration of the Human Vessel to assist in the alignment with Source Vibration/Evolution of Man through Vibrational shifting at cellular level
  • Infinite light upgrading & Connection
  • Source Connection
  • Physical/Mental/Emotional/Pain body rejuvenation/Healing/Alignment
  • Healing and Expansion
  • Release of Trauma/Stress/Negativity
  • Soul Connection
  • Source Light Embodiment
  • Inner Truth &  Self-Realization
  • Removal of Barriers / Blocks
  • Increased awareness and Understanding of Oneness and Unity
  • Inner Freedom/Release/Unburdening
  • Full Lightbody conscious integration, Awareness, Integration & Awakening
  • Diamond Christ-Aligned Light Integration
  • Ascension Preparation
  • Soul Connection/Soul release/Soul Retrieval 

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