Healing Light Energy​

Spiritual Healing and Ascension

A few years ago I was having a lot of trouble with my house. I had just moved in and the atmosphere there was oppressive at best and on occasion downright threatening.  Andrea was recommended to me by a mutual acquaintance. 
She did distant SRT and the results were amazing. I had been out when she was doing it and when I came back home I could feel the difference the minute I walked in. 
I had been quite sceptical but I am now a convert!! 
Wonderful,  caring lady.....highly recommended. 
Also had a card reading recently and was gobsmacked by her accuracy!!  X

Louise D

​"I came across Andrea whilst googling about SRT, and I've never looked back. The stuff that Andrea has been able to pick up during my sessions has been so on point, that I know I'm in good hands; this is why I do not hesitate to keep coming back to Andrea if I need some guidance or spiritual assistance in my life. It has empowered my own intuition to the point now where I am even more confident in the way I guide my own clients. Thank you Andrea 💖"


My reading done by Andrea was amazing, spot on with what I was going through. Giving me ideas on how to clear negatives and stay calm and centered. Having known Andrea for many years, I trust her with her work. Thanks again 💞


I am truly thankful for Andrea stepping into my life at the right time, she has helped me tremendously through these SRT clearings and I wouldn't be without them, they really do keep me sane and balanced so I don't go off the radar. Especially in my job role and helping clients myself I do need to be cleared often. But this woman has helped me with my relationships with people - removing blockages, and the outcomes I see with these people you would think a miracle needed to take place to get them to do half the things they was suppose too. In regards to health related issues, I was struggling pretty bad with asthma also. Andrea cleared blockages for that also and I can breathe so much better and don't feel the need to take my pumps, even the doctors were shocked at this! She has helped considerably with my financial status and I'm not even fully there. Can you imagine another year from now with more clearings where I'll actually be? These SRT clearings really are life changing. If you have never had one, please get one or you'll be missing out! 
Thank you so much for your service Andrea, your a pleasure to work with! 
Vikki 😊 

I had a crystal keys session with Andrea a couple of weeks ago. The session itself was deeply relaxing and I left feeling calm, positive and more centred. A week on, I definitely feel a subtle shift in the areas where I asked Andrea to work. Some of my habitual negative thinking patterns have definitely lessened and my relationships are beginning to feel more harmonious.  Thank you Andrea! I will be back! 

Sarah B

This lovely lady is a wonderful healer. I have received healing from her at The Monastery and the room was full of angels. So pleased that she is back healing. The world needs healers. xxxx


My reading was spot on and very helpful (actually showed it to another spiritual/psychic/reiki practitioner who knows me and my life/issues better than anyone and she was amazed at the accuracy of it- said you really know your stuff) thanks xx